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Image of Pink Paper Beads

These beads are about ¼" in diameter. Some are round but most are considered to be bicone beads.

I plan to use them in either a collar type choker or a memory wire multi-loop bracelet.

The little black dish that the Little Pink Beads are in is a lid from a small plastic Folgers Coffee Can. I think it sets off the colors of the beads very nicely.

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On the following pages you will discover how I made these beads from card stock! It is really easy!

I made these beads from the left over scraps I got from making the packaging for the Paper Bead Rollers. I really could not just throw them away. Of course if you want to make them, you can use a new fresh piece of card stock or a single piece of recycled card stock. Just use the blank side for the decorative part.

There are Full Page Bead Sheets you can Download and Print Out to make these little beads in different colors.

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