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Image of Pandora Style Paper Beads

Watch How to Make Pandora Style Paper Beads at YouTube!

These beads were style by Pandora style beads. The centers are made with basic 3/16" metal grommets that are available in a wide array of colors! You are not stuck with using the expensive silver colored grommets that were made for making these types of beads.

The little black dish that the Little Pink Beads are in is a lid from a small plastic Folgers Coffee Can. I think it sets off the colors of the beads very nicely.


In the following pages, you will learn how to make these beads from construction paper, scrapbook paper and plain copy paper.

I made these beads from construction paper and scrapbook paper but the concept and the method can be applied using any type of paper providing it is thick enough to get the desired over all diameter of the pandora beads.

There are cutting templates designed for the 8½" x 11" sheets of scrapbook or copy paper.

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