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How to Print Paper Bead Sheets

In order to get the results that I intended for you to get, you will need to set up your printing preferences in the following way. This program works with the settings you have in any browser.

  1. On your browser, click on "File", then click on "Page Setup...".
  2. Make sure the size of the page is "Letter Borderless".
  3. Check to make sure the orientation is for Portrait or Landscape depending on the thickness of the beads you are making. An alert will popup which will tell you what orientation your sheet of paper should be.
  4. You will need to set your left and right margins to 0 and your top and bottom margins to 0.
  5. Click "Ok" to close out of the Printer Setup.
For More detailed information about the different size Beads and how to achieve them, click Here.
You are now ready to print your bead sheet. At this point, just use this program's print button at the top to print out your sheet. Make sure your printer settings in this program are set to Letter Borderless and in either Landscape or Portrait depending on the size bead you are making.