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Paper Bead Sheet Designer

Design and Print Your Own Paper Bead Sheets!

Designer Instructions
Printer Set Up Instructions

Different Types of Beads

This section has links to different tutorials on how to make various types of paper beads.

How to Make round Beads
Little Pink Beads
Pandora Inspired Beads!

Paper Bead Sheets
and Cutting Templates

In this section you will find some pre made bead sheets and cutting templates you can download and open in Adobe Acrobat and print on your computer.

Pre Made Bead Sheets
These pages have download links to pdf files of pre made full page bead sheets.

Paper Bead Cutting Templates
These pages have download links to pdf files of cutting templates you can print on the back side of 8½" x 11" sheets of paper to make marking your paper easier for cutting!

Universal Paper Bead Sheet Marking Templates
These cutting templates were designed with 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper in mind. The way they work is each size bead has a set of templates that can be printed out, cut into strips and laid across and glued with a temporary glue stick, to the top and bottom of the paper you want to make into paper beads. The you just cut your paper into strips from one mark to the other. Complete instructions are included with each set of marking templates.