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Yes Those Beads Are Made of Paper!

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Free Paper Bead Sheet Designer

I hope you like the new layout! Read Below to see what is new and how it works!

This is a work in progress. I have plans to add more image functionallity like mirroring and flipping capabilities and cutting lines that lay over the sheet instead of being drawn within the sheet. I also plan to add whether or not you want to add margins and not bother with printing borderless. This will result in faster printing. If you want to see a function I haven't mentioned and is not already available, I would love to hear it. I will see what I can do to make it happen.

New Layout!

--Bead Sheet is made embeded in the same page as the settings instead of opening in a new tab.
--Images to choose from are now, in a horizontal scrolling image picker, above the resulting bead sheet window.
--When you hover over each image, you can see the file name which has it's keywords in it so if you take note of an image you like, you will know how to search for it next time you want to use it.
--There is now a print bead sheet button in gold just under the Make Sheet Button at the bottom of the settings. When you click this button, your print dialog window will popup and only the bead sheet you made will be printed.
--Now when you click on the Instructions button, the instructions page will show up where the bead sheets do! So cool!

Take note: Make sure to find the image you want first before using the settings because each time you do a search or change categories, the page will reset itself and you will have to set up your settings over again.

NOTE: The default sizes and settings for this program are as follows, Paper Size: A or 8½" x 11", Diameter: .6250 or 5/8". Type: Regular Tube. If you do not choose an image, the default image will be used. Cutting Lines are only available for the regular or sideways Tube Beads. From now on, you may need to trim the small margins off of your paper. All of the beads on the resulting bead sheet will be the same size.

Some pictures may seem a bit distored because the height and width has been set to display at 120x100 pixels. The actual height and width of each image will vary.

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