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Yes! Those Beads Are Made Out of Paper!

Paper Bead Making 101

These instructions are for making beads from any type of paper. The basic techniques are the same no matter what paper you use or what the designs are on the paper that you use.

Paper Bead Making Materials

You will need some basic materials to make your beads. This is where you can be very creative and experiment with different papers, cutting methods and finishes.

You can use any type of paper you can imagine How to set up your printer for printing bead sheets. On this page you will find out what glues and finishes can be used for protecting the beads.

Bead Making Tools

You will need a number of tools to make the beads and the following pages explain the tools and how to use them. The best ways is to cut them either with a rotary cutter & mat or scissors. There are various methods to roll the beads, this page explains how.

Paper Bead Drying Racks

This page explains the various ways to dry your glazed beads that have had their glaze brushed on, and how I used to actually dry them.

Paper Beads As Art

This section explains various types of beads and how to make them.