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Pre-Made Full Page
Paper Bead Printable and Machine Cutting Templates

Sample Image of What Templates Look Like

(Sample Images of What Templates Look Like)

These cutting templates will make beads that range from 1/8" up to 1" long. You will find cutting templates to make tube beads and tapered beads with 2 different lengths of paper strips, 8½" and 11". These printable cutting templates are meant to be printed onto plain copy paper and then layered with the paper of the same size in the designs you want to make beads from. You are probably wondering what to do with the white strips that are cut along with the pretty papers you cut. You can decorate the white strips and roll them up along with the pretty strips you cut. You can print these templates on the back side of your paper if you choose but remember, the lines may show through your paper if your paper is a very light color.

Printable Cutting Templates: Each page has 2 links to free cutting templates, in pdf format, that you can use to print on the back side of any 8½" x 11" paper to make cutting consistant strips easier! Just put your paper in your printer, whch ever way you need to so it will print on the back side, open the template file in the Adobe Acrobat reader, set your margins to zero and tell your printer to print in portrait and borderless for best results, then print your template! Each printable template has gray dashed lines, faint enough so it will not show through most colored background papers.

Printable and Machine Cutting Template Pages

Machine Cutting Templates
Coming Soon

I am currently working on making machine cutting templates is 3 formats. .svg, .wpc and .pvg. I have a Pazzles Inspiration Vue cutting machine and I am using the InVue Software that came with it to design all of my machine cutting templates. If you have any other cutting machine, you should know what format you need. There will be 2 free machine cutting templates per size and for each paper size as well so you can test the files before you buy the other templates you want. All of the Machine cutting templates will be sold individually and not in complete sets. The cost per template will be $2.00 no matter the size. If you cannot find the size you want, send me an email with your size request and I will get it made and ready for sale as soon as possible.

I will be offering cutting templates for 6" x 6" and 12" x 12" papers as well. I am not planning to make printable 6" x 6" templates for regular printers but I will make it possible to draw out the template with your cutting machines pen tool if you have one. That way, you can " print" the template on the back side of either the 6" x 6" or 12" x 12" paper with the pen tool and use it just like the printable cutting templates for the 8½" x 11" papers I already offer.

NEW Machine Cutting Files!
These files are in 3 different formats meant to work with cutting machines. They were designed with the Pazzles Inspiration Vue.
The purpose of these free files is to help you test the files I make with your own cutters. If they work for you and if you want the rest of them, in this collection, you can purchase them below. They all have a 1/16" margin around the perimeter of the page so the blade will not go off the edge of the sheet of paper you are cutting. There is a copyright notice on all of the templates. Don't worry, the text is for display only and will not print or cut.