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How To Use the Double Hole Paper Bead Roller

Step 1

Cut your strips and get them ready. You can use any paper or card stock as you would for any paper bead. Card stock, scrapbook paper, construction paper and any paper will work. I have not tried cereal boxes.

Get your white glue ready by pouring some onto a disposable palate. You can use a piece of paper or a plastic lid, or what ever you want. Get a small craft brush or toothpick ready to use for applying the glue to the bead as you are rolling it.

Video Tutorial at YouTube

Step 2

Image of glue at end of strip

Apply an 1/8" wide swath of glue to the very end of the strip on the back side.

Step 3

Image of strip between pins

Insert this end of the strip between the pins on your rolling tool so the glue is facing you.

Step 4

Image of paper folded over bottom Pin

Fold the paper over the bottom pin and secure the end to the paper locking in the bottom pin.

Step 5

Image of tool turned to lock on bottom pin.

Turn your tool toward you, so the bottom pin is now the top pin and the top pin is resting on the paper strip and is now the bottom pin.

Step 6

Image of glue on strip before rest of folding has begun

Apply glue to the paper on the top pin and to the part of the strip that is not yet glued below the bottom pin being careful not get it on the pin when you turn the tool toward it to wind it.

Step 7

Image of strip after first fold

Turn your tool down so to meet the unrolled strip with the top part. This starts the gluing, rolling and pinching process.

Step 8

Image of thumb pinching paper between pins

Pinch the paper together between the pins to glue them together. This is what will form the 2 holes when the bead is finished.

Step 9

Image of glue applied to strip not yet worked in.

Turn the pin, as you did before, to start winding it only one turn. Pinch the paper between the two pins to glue the paper together between the pins.

Step 10

Image of applying glue to more of the strip.

Keep applying glue, turning and pinching the paper between the pins as you go for every single turn. This is how the 2 holes are formed in the bead.**

Step 11

Image of finished double hole paper bead before removing it from the tool

This is a finished bead before taking it off of the Double Hole Paper Bead Roller

Final Notes

*On Step 8: It is very important you pinch and hold the paper between the pins together tight until they will stick to each other on their own. This will take a few seconds. Be patient. The beginning is the most important part.

** On Step 10 You can apply the glue to the rest of the strip at this point if you want to.

Video Tutorial at YouTube